Special Event Menu

Cold Appetizers

These items are perfect for large parties and are delicious in every way.

Individual Fiesta 7 layer dips $50.00
Individual servings of dip which includes Beans, homemade salsa, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and olives. Includes small bowl of chips for dipping! (Serves 10)

Greek Isle Salad Skewers $60.00
Cherry Tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese on a skewer with greek dressing drizzled on top. (Serves 10)

Fresh Herb Bruschetta $45.00
Tomatoes, basil and garlic atop a butter brushed crunchy baguette slice. (Serves 10)

Lettuce Wraps $40.00
Chicken, water chestnuts, celery in a delicious sauce ready to be enjoyed in a lettuce cup. (Quantity 20 Serves 10)

Chips and Salsa $15.00
Fresh made tortilla chips and homemade roasted chipotle salsa. (Serves 10)

Party Cheese Platter $95.00
Selection of fine hard and soft cheeses includes crackers. (Serves 25)

Seasonal Fruit Party Platter $95.00
Presentation of seasonal fruits including citrus berries and melon (Serves 25)

Dip Duo $60.00
Freshly prepared guacamole & our homemade Chilled queso served with warm tortilla chips. (Serves 10)

Hot Appetizers

Set up buffet style or can be done as passed items as well.

Hawaiian Island Skewers $55.00
Grilled chicken skewers with fresh pineapple grilled to perfection and topped with a delicious soy glaze. ALOHA.(Quantity 25 Serves 12)

Steak and Shroom Skewers $65.00
Top sirloin steak skewers with mushrooms and onions, grilled to perfection. (Quantity 20 Serves 10)

Secret Sauce Meatballs $50.00
Delicious Italian beef meatballs sautéed in our secret bbq sauce. (Quantity 100 Serves 20)

Hot “Damn” Wings $25.00
Hot and spicy wings tantalizing your taste buds. Includes ranch dipping sauce. (Quantity 20 Serves 10)

Mozzarella Sticks $25.00
Includes marinara dipping sauce (Serves 10)

Crazy Garlic Cheesy Bread $20.00
French bread with butter, garlic and cheese to bubbly perfection. (Serves 10)

Blues Strings $20.00
Crispy shoestring potatoes with melted crumbled blue cheese with bleu cheese dressing on top. (Serves 5).

Buffalo Chicken Wontons $30.00
All the flavor of a hot wing wrapped in a wonton cut with celery and blue cheese. (Quantity 20 serves 10)

Beer Battered Onion Rings $15.00
Includes dipping sides of ketchup or ranch. (Serves 5)

Crispy Potato Rounds $40.00
Crispy potato rounds with cheese, blue cheese, scallions and bacon. (Quantity 10 serves 10-15).

Jalapeno Poppers $20.00
Mild pepper poppers with cream cheese center (Quantity 20 serves 10-15)

Crispy Mac’n Cheese $50.00
Topped with cheddar, bacon, bread crumbs, Green onions, and baked until crispy. (Serves 10)


Items are set up buffet style and include plates, silverware, napkins and serving utensils.

Cue Enchiladas $60.00
Red or Green sauce- corn tortillas with one of three choices: Chicken, cheese or ground beef. Choice of sauce and cheese. Sour cream on the side. (Serves 10) one order is one type no half orders.

Taco Bar- buffet style $70.00
Choice of ground beef or chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, beans, homemade salsa, sour cream and flour or corn tortillas. (Serves 15)

Baked Potato Bar $40.00
Includes baked potatoes, butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, salsa. (Serves10)

Large Pizza 14” $14.00
Pepperoni, Grilled Pesto Chicken, BBQ chicken, Pesto Veggie, Margarita or Hawaiian. (Serves 3-5)

Italian Style Lasagna $70.00
Ground beef and sausage with a delicious sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Mouthwatering delicious. (Serves10)

All Beef Hot Dog Bar $50.00
Cheddar, red onion, sweet relish, fresh jalapeno’s, chili, Guinness bbq sauce. Can be bacon wrapped for additional $10 (Serves 10)

Cue-licious Chicken Tacos $50.00
Soft flour tortillas filled with marinated chicken, lettuce, homemade salsa and cheese. (Quantity 20 serves 10)

Slip and Slidin BBQ Chicken Sliders $50.00 
Fried or grilled chicken, lettuce & tomato topped with our secret bbq sauce on homemade rolls. (Quantity 20 Serves 10) +$10 to add cheese


Cool, crisp and always fresh the perfect side dish for any type of party.

Caesar Salad $35.00
Romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese, dressing and croutons. (Serves 10)

Chopped House Salad $35.00
Romaine lettuce, onions with cucumbers and tomatoes includes your choice of dressing(Serves 10).

Pesto Pasta Salad $50.00
Pasta delicately dressed with feta cheese, kalmata olives, pesto sauce tossed to perfection (serves 10)

All menu items and prices are subject to change.


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